Juicing fruits and vegetables as a diet plan has become something that many people have started doing and some have found success depending on their health goals.

Did you know that blending fruits and vegetables, however, has just as many if not more health benefits?

Not only can you blend vegetables and fruits on a tighter budget than you can with a juicer.  Consequently you can potentially get more nutrition from what you are consuming.

Here are the top 5 benefits you can get by blending today:

1. Blending Keeps Foods Whole

When you are blending fruits and vegetables, you are keeping the fruit and vegetable intact. That means the nutrients that each item contains is going to be in the right amounts. More importantly, however, the fibre content of what you decide to blend is going to remain. Fibre helps to regulate our dietary tract, lower the risk of chronic disease, and helps to stabilize blood sugars. This way you still get the benefit of drinking your foods instead of eating them.  But you get the whole food package instead of just part of it.

2. It’s Easy to Add More Nutrition To Your Eating Habits

Combined, on average, people need about 6 cups of fruits and vegetables per day in their diet. It’s difficult sometimes, however, to make sure our diets are properly proportioned with the amount of fruits and vegetables that we need. By blending these items into delicious smoothies and other concoctions. Therefore we have a simple way to add more of these items. Even it just means sipping away at it throughout the day. Every little bit counts toward better health!

3. Blending Introduces New Foods

We all get stuck in a certain rut of eating foods that we like.  Then ignoring the rest of what is offered. In many regions, its very easy to get different native fruits and vegetables that can diversify a diet in an effective way. Having a wide variety of items on hand can also help lead toward a healthier diet simply because of the various combinations that are blended together. The skins often contain minerals and vitamins our bodies need.  Which if we are getting these through our blended foods, we don’t have to spend the money on expensive supplements!

4. There’s Less Time To Convert To Fat

When we eat solid foods, it takes awhile for our digestive systems to break down that food we’ve consumed. This gives it extra time to consume fats and oils out of our foods that we don’t necessarily need and then convert it to fat. With a liquified version of fruits and vegetables entering our systems, the body can immediately convert the food into nutritive value while there is less time to convert other items into fat cells for energy later.

5. You’re Less Hungry When You Blend Foods

Because many of the foods that are blended have low caloric values, you can often eat as much as you want, whenever you want. This leads to fewer hunger pains as is common in other diets and it makes it easier to make good eating decisions instead of impulsive ones. In addition, because you’re eating foods your body can use anyway, you’re improving your health every time you blend some fruits and vegetables together.


Vitamix Ascent Series Blender

We recently road tested the about to be released Vitamix Ascent® Series Blenders.  These are the Rolls Royce of blenders.  Within an hour we had made from scratch and eaten the most delicious meal consisting of:

Green Smoothie

Beetroot and Chickpea dip

Thai Ginger Soup – Nut based vegetable soup – no need to cook, the blender even warmed it.

Fruit based Ice cream

Smoothie Bowl










Vitamix is the first high-performance, smart blender that combines sleek design with power and precision. The brand loved by chefs globally now offers blenders with built-in timers and SELF-DETECT technology.  That senses the container you’re using and automatically adjusts blend times for machines with programs. Coupled with a lid interlock system. As a result the machine won’t operate if the lid is not secure or if the container isn’t properly on the base.

The Ascent Series is available in two models:

A3500i (Brushed Stainless finish)

The versatile A3500i model features the sleek new design, programmable timer, touchscreen controls, and a premium Brushed Stainless finish. With simple touchscreen controls, automatically process your favourite recipes with five program settings.  Or create your own recipes using the programmable digital timer. Designed to help you unlock adventure at the touch of a button, this is more than just a blender. With variable speed control and pulse features, no recipe is out of bounds. Discover new meals with the power to create every texture from the chunkiest salsa to smoothest purée.

A2500i (Black, Red, Slate and White)

The easy to use A2500i model is your new sous chef. Achieve the perfect texture every time by easily monitoring the blending progress.  And using the programmable digital timer to ensure you don’t miss a minute. Perfect each dish with three program settings letting you automatically process your favourite recipes.

High Performance Blenders

Both feature state-of-the-art modern design with an easy to use interface. These high-performance blenders are designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen with built-in timers, wireless connectivity, and the A3500i offers the added convenience of simple touchscreen controls.

The Vitamix Ascent Series comes with the confidence of a 10-year warranty. Every part of each blender is built to last and deliver perfect blending results for years to come.  Helping to buy dependable, not disposable. Ascent Series blender containers, as well as the tamper, are dishwasher safe. Both models come with a cookbook with many tips, techniques and more than 50 creative recipes.  That highlight all the things that can be prepared using the blender.

The Vitamix Ascent Series blenders are backed by 90+ years of engineering, with every piece designed to work harmoniously together to create the perfect blending experience. Both models contain a high-performance motor able to pulverise even hard or frozen ingredients. The laser-cut hardened stainless steel blades are designed to consistently create the same quality blends for years to come. There’s no wonder that Vitamix blenders are used in more than 110,000 commercial outlets globally; from international juice bars through to Michelin starred restaurants.

The Vitamix Ascent Series A2500i model has a recommended retail price in Australia of $1,195 and $1,495 for A3500i. The Vitamix Ascent Series is available from 1 November 2017 at Myer, David Jones and other premium appliance retailers. The White A2500i model will be available exclusively at Harvey Norman.

Visit Vitamix for more information or to find your nearest stockist.