Mastering fuller, natural looking brows is undoubtedly one of the biggest beauty trends of 2016. Read our tips and you’ll be on your way to brows just like Kendall Jenner’s.




We all know that eyebrows can either make or break your signature look. For most people, brow-maintenance is something that’s better left to the pros. Let’s be honest, the whole process of shaping and sculpting at home can be daunting to even the best beauticians. What if I over pluck? What if I over-fill? Let’s not even start on which products I should use!

Well worry no longer, because we are here to help! We spoke with brow expert and founder of iBoutique, Bree Cowen, to get her simple step by step guide to achieving flawless brows. If you’ve always wanted those perfect brows but can’t quite seem to master the technique read on for the best tips and tricks on finding and maintaining that perfect brow.

  1. Brush it out!

Whether you want your brows to be wild and unruly or sleek and precise, brushing your brows is one step you cannot skip! Always start from the front of the brow and work towards the tail. This will help you determine where you need to fill in, and what may need a little snip or tweeze.

  1. Tweeze and Tame!

Trend alert: the more hair the better! Right now it is definitely all about how many hairs you leave rather than how many you take away. Taming is made easy by the perfect tweezer.  One with a pointed tip that allows you to choose one hair at a time. Try to avoid a slanted edge. You may be picking up more hairs then you intended to, and nobody wants that.

  1. Shape matters!

A classic, well balanced brow is one that follows your facial shape. Your brows start in line with your inner tear duct and track upwards, with your arch at roughly 11 o’clock from the starting point. If you’re unsure of your natural shape let your brows grow out for 6-8 weeks and the natural shape will reveal itself. Follow this outline and you can’t go wrong.

  1. Fill-er’ up!

Filling in your brows has taken off in recent years. There are an abundance of products on the market to assist this. The most important thing is to find the right one for you! If opting for a pencil, be sure to select a small, fine tip. Make feather light strokes – this will ensure you are mimicking your actual hair. An angled brush and powder will give your brows more of an impact. Work it in with your brush to ensure it is evenly dispersed. If you’re looking to reconstruct your brow shape the best tool to use is a pomade or marker, it will give you the defined brow you’re after and is more precise when shaping. Whichever product you choose, be sure to use a shade lighter than your hair colour to achieve that flawless natural look.

  1. Set it!

Most people skip this step but it works wonders! Setting your brows with any clear or coloured gel will ensure the product stays in place and your hairs don’t stray. It also works miracles for those with thinner brows – applying a light coat of gel can add volume and beef up your look. Tinted gels can also help maximise any light hairs that are sometimes hard to see, helping to add depth to your brow.

  1. Cosmetic tattoos

If you’ve given the first five tips a go and you still can’t get the brows you want, don’t stress, there are other options.

Introducing cosmetic tattooing! For those of you who aren’t up-to-date on the latest in brow shaping technology, feather touch cosmetic tattooing involves the application of semi-permanent pigments just below the top layer of the skin, resulting in a perfectly shaped, natural looking brow with none of the effort. Imagine waking up with perfectly groomed brows every day!



browsFor more information or advice from Bree on brow shaping or cosmetic tattooing visit iBoutique.