By age 85, a terrifying 1 in 2 Australian men, and 1 in 3 Australian women will experience cancer*.  The good news is the latest scientific results show specific and targeted exercise can boost chemotherapy and positive outcomes considerably.

Recent landmark studiesΦ have reported undertaking exercise during chemotherapy treatment can:

• Increase blood flow so more chemotherapy agents can reach the cancer tumour.
• Boost the immune system’s “natural killer cells” by 30%, which can potentially destroy tumour cells.
• Encourage muscles to release a chemical (interleukin 6) that seeks out tumours. This chemical tells them to shut down and informs natural killer cells what to target.
• Make patients feel better, less depressed, have more energy and experience fewer side effects.


Personal training studio Chic Shed, is using its state-of-the-art equipment to help local cancer patients beat their disease with exercise. Chic Shed has committed to supporting members with a cancer diagnosis undergo 8 week weight training regimens free of charge.

Inspired by this new scientific information, Chic Shed’s Robyn Vincent reached out to two women diagnosed with cancer in her community. 53-year-old breast cancer patient and mother of two boys, Maggie Wells and Maureen Barten, aged 55 years old.

Robyn put her personal training studio and expertise at their disposal to provide complimentary therapy. She then devised a moderate targeted weight-training program for each woman. Focusing on weight resistance training, nutrition and menu suggestions with rest and recovery.

Chic Shed studios feature the latest InBody Body Composition Analysis technology as part of their training programs. These provided the perfect opportunity to measure and analyse Maggie and Maureen’s total body composition baseline in terms of skeletal muscle mass, protein, bone mineral, water, body fat, visceral fat level, and more.

The results were outstanding. After just 5 sessions, Maureen’s skeletal muscle mass increased by 800gms, her intracellular water increased by 600ml and she lost 800gm of body fat. (Maggie had lost 800gm of skeletal muscle mass in her first week of chemo). Robyn discussed stronger nutritional choices and by the following week she had gained 900gm of skeletal muscle mass, while losing lost 400gm of body fat. After 12 sessions, Maggie’s skeletal muscle mass had increased by 500gm, her intracellular water had increased by 400ml with her body fat remaining stable.

“Robyn and Chic Shed have made dealing with my treatment significantly easier,” says Maggie. “Weight training is so important to retain muscle and bone density, which are drastically effected by chemotherapy drugs.”

“The Chic Shed is important for me because it’s a nurturing environment at a very vulnerable time,” she adds. “As I’ve never been in a gym before, the personal attention is incredibly reassuring and motivating. It will also set me up well to take ownership of my strength training and continue with good gym technique and knowledge in the future.”


“Robyn’s Chic Shed is actually a beautifully appointed shed, so it’s totally private, which was great while I was struggling with my health,” agrees Maureen. “It’s not just about the reps and sets. The model embraces you in a holistic sense, believing that a balance of fitness, nutrition and attitude can support your wellness goals even through difficult times.”

“Chic Shed’s foundations are built on determination, desire and the belief that if it’s possible for others, it’s possible for you,” explains Robyn. “We’re thrilled to help make Maggie and Maureen’s journey to wellness just that little easier and improve their health outcomes in any way we can,” she adds. “The process has been so rewarding that we’ve committed to helping at least one Chic Shed community member through chemotherapy free of charge at all times.”




About Chic Shed
Chic Shed challenges conventional fitness environments by putting the personal back into personal training. The Chic Shed is a unique personal training environment designed for CHICS but fit for all, with a dedicated band of qualified health and fitness professionals who can walk the talk, get down and get dirty.

Behind the roller door, you’ll find a boutique, state-of-the-art personal training studio like no other. Local, private and unpretentious, every Chic Shed is designed to make you feel right at home while you work to achieve and exceed your fitness goals.

At the moment the offer is available in one location in Elsternwick, Melbourne as a pilot program. Franchised Chic Sheds are planned for across Victoria with other states to follow.

Interested parties can apply via email to Robyn


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