everything you told me

Everything you told me

Sally wakes up in the middle of nowhere, with a suicide note in her pocket and no memory of the previous twenty four hours. When she discovers what happened to her, she is shocked to the core…

Saturday morning, dawn. Mother of two Sally finds herself on a cliff top, miles away from home. The place is familiar but the journey is a blank. She’s lost the last ten hours of her life.

To all appearances, Sally was there to jump. She had nothing on her apart from a suicide note when the local police took her in. But Sally knows she would never leave her children behind…

Which leaves the question: who has done this to her? And who would believe Sally if she told?



A MUST BUY-MUST READ! – This will now be my favourite book by one of my favourite authors. I was gripped from the first page until the very last word. There are twists in Everything You Told Me that I certainly didn’t see coming. There are twists in twists, lies in lies, and keeps you intensely gripped. It won’t leave you alone. Every time you put it down, you’re immediately picking it back up again, trying to unravel what is going on. Everything you crave in a psychological thriller is here. I would never have seen the ending coming.  You need to re-read the ‘reveal’ page several times for it to sink in.



Author bio:

Lucy Dawson was a children’s magazine editor before she had her first bestselling book, His Other Lover, in 2008. Since then she has published four other novels. She lives in Exeter with her husband and children.


Allen and Unwin RRP Softcopy $29.99 BUY