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MakeUp Weapons That Slay

Finally an Australian owned and vegan friendly beauty brand MakeUp Weapons feauturing makeup weapons that are must have in every beauty bag. Including a luxe line-up of MakeUp Brushes, a Diamanté-Encrusted Signature Lash Curler, Brush Bomb Cleansing Bars and Bio Glitter. Therefore these are the magic weapons that belong in your beauty bag.

As a result each of the 14 multi-functional and hand-crafted makeup artist quality brushes have been expertly designed and developed.  By leading Australian makeup artist and beauty therapist, Sheri Vegas.

Because they are 100% cruelty-free and made from quality durable synthetics with a nylon and Taklon blend.  Furthermore each brush has been hand-crafted by makeup brush artisans and are suitable for use with cream, liquid and powder. Available individually and also in sets.

Because only the best materials have been used by artisans to 100% hand-craft these must-have beauty brushes.  Including the highest grade, durable synthetic hair, sustainable bamboo and strong copper ferrule.  Instead of the industry standard of aluminium.  Consequently it can take 30 to 50 skilled artisans to create one complete set of Makeup Weapons brushes. Whilst this is a much longer process than being machine made it ensures a premium hand-crafted product.

Designed to be completely multi-functional. Each Makeup Weapons brush has more than just one use and can be used with cream, liquid and power products.

Diamanté-Encrusted Signature Lash Curler

makeup weapons

With it’s extra cushiony lash pad that gently grips even the smallest lashes.  The Diamanté-Encrusted Signature Lash Curler guarantees to lift and curl lashes for that fat lash lifted effect.

Brush Bomb Cleansing Bar


makeup weapons


MakeUp Weapons’ Brush Bomb Cleansing Bar is designed to deep clean and disperse soap smoothly and evenly throughout the brush hairs. The Cocoa Butter base is creamy white in colour.   Made with real Cocoa Butter.  That has been additionally blended with hand selected essential oils.  Including Tea Tree and Juniper for natural antibacterial, antiseptic properties qualities.  Therefore giving it a refreshing fragrance. Each Brush Bomb Cleansing Bar is sustainable, biodegradable, and hypo-allergenic.   No SLS or SLES are used, vegan friendly and 100% SFIC made.

makeup weapons


MakeUp Weapons’ Bio Glitter is a biodegradable film made from primarily eucalyptus trees, sourced from responsibly managed plantations. 30-40% physically softer and gentler on the skin than polyester. MakeUp Weapons’ Bio Glitter comes in seven fun colours and are vegan friendly and contain no parabens.

  • As If
  • Mean Girls
  • Mae West
  • Never Land
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
  • Diamonds Are Forever
  • Tell Me About it Stud


Each MakeUp Weapon brush is available individually or in a variety of sets including

  • Essentials Base Set ($187.95)
  • MakeUp Weapons Essentials Eye Set ($99.95)
  • Make Up Weapons Essentials Set ($267.95)
  • Make Up Weapons Essentials Set with Lash Curler ($291.95)
  • MakeUp Weapons Luxe Set ($341.95)

With over seven years of experience in the beauty industry, Sheri Vegas had long aspired to develop and create a line of make-up artist quality make-up brushes that give back charitably and don’t negatively impact the environment.

For each MakeUp Weapons brush product sold 50 cents will be donated to charity.  Each month several different charities will be selected so those purchasing can choose their preferred charity recipient.

MakeUp Weapons are available online  and via selected stockists across Australia.