6 things healthy people do every morning


The last thing you want to do is add more to do’s to your day but the healthiest, happiest and most successful people make time for habits that prime them for more health, happiness, and success. So copy them. Here’s your cheat sheet — 6 ways to shape up your life and set the tone for a productive, happy and healthy day, starting today.

Healthy mornings make the start of your day awesome! And…if the start of the day is good, then the rest of the day is bound to be good as well, right?


1. Reject the morning distractions – Do not check your phone for at least an hour

Do you sleep with your mobile next to you and grab for it first thing when you wake? This is not a good habit. Happy people know that they do not want those distractions from news, emails and text messages muscling in too early. They will damage their early morning serenity.  Those messages can wait till after you have your ‘me’ time. If you choose to resist the temptation to check your email and Facebook feed until at least an hour after waking up, you’ll find that your mind is more clear, focused and happy.

2. Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake

Water is key to a healthy day. Even mild dehydration (losing just 1.5% of your normal water volume) can alter your mood. Dehydration is linked to fatigue, headaches, and trouble concentrating. So jumpstart your metabolism, get rehydrated, and get ready to start moving. Bonus points if you add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

3. Step outside and take a deep breath

Fill your lungs with fresh air. Even if it’s cold outside. This only takes 10 seconds! It reminds you that you are alive and breathing. Being outdoors can reduce stress, keep you grounded and boost your mood. Being outdoors is also a crucial part of a good nights sleep as natural daylight helps sync your circadian rhythm.

4. Move your body

You don’t necessarily have to do an intense workout before breakfast, but moving your body even a little is a great way to get the blood flowing and shake the body into wake-up mode. Simply doing a few stretches is a great option. Or turn on your favourite song and dance like no one is watching. Some people prefer to walk the dog early in the morning or cycle/walk to work, if that is feasible.

5. Take time to eat a healthy breakfast

Rather than reaching for a box of sugary cereal, focus on getting real foods in your body. Eating a fibre-rich meal within 30 minutes to an hour of being awake will not only kick-start your metabolism for the day, it will also give you the energy to sustain concentration, optimising your mood and performance at work. Breakfast doesn’t need a lot of time. Sometimes the simplest meals are the healthiest choices; Wholegrain toast and homemade nut cereals, boiled eggs, fruit and yoghurt, chia pudding, or over-night oats.

 6. Think of one thing for which you have gratitude

Just spend 10 breaths pondering about the good stuff in your life. Feel grateful for being alive and for the joy of a new day. When things are bad, make a list in your mind of all the positives in your life. Research shows clearly that people who regularly express gratitude are less likely to suffer from loneliness, anxiety, depression or envy. This sets the stage for positivity throughout the day. If you come up with three or five things, even better.