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LATEST OFFER – Win 1 of 2 Natural Health Company packs  – RRP$150

Natural Health Company

Natural Health Company


Natural Health Company has set out to revolution the health and wellness industry, with its range of completely natural and organic weight loss products.

Their newest smoothie bowl pack is completely vegan, containing all you need to create the perfect Smoothie Bowl. This pack contains: Organic Fusion protein powder (either Tropical or Acai flavour) made up of pea and bio fermented brown rice protein. A Superfood detox (either Skinny Greens or Skinny Berries) A Coconut Bowl and matching Spoon to eat your delicious creation and a Shaker Bottle for when you need to grab breakfast and go. The pack also includes Skinny Bean Espresso Coffee Pack.

Skinny Greens Superfood Detox is a blend in high alkalising and nutrient rich SuperGreens, antioxidants and a unique blend of fat burning ingredients, that help to boost metabolism. The Skinny Berries Superfood Detox is a blend high in SuperBerries and antioxidants that supports the immune system and contains key fat burning ingredients.

To perk up in the morning, Natural Health Company has created Skinny Bean Coffee. Made with a smooth blend of instant Brazillian Coffee and seven key fat burning ingredients and antioxidants, designed for those wanting to speed up the weight loss process. The Skinny Bean Espresso is lactose and sugar free, suitable for vegans!


All Natural Health Company products are Australian made, gluten free and sweetened naturally. All products are available here


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