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We’ve recently highlighted the importance of natural skincare, and then turned our attention to makeup.  Here’s the recap of what you need to know:

Chemicals and toxins are not just in your food, they are also widely used in your favourite beauty products such as skincare, makeup, deodorant, and shampoo!

As a result our skin absorbs 60% of any topical product we use. There re more than 10,000 ingredients allowed for use in our personal care items. Many of these ingredients are hazardous to our health but they are used in everything from makeup to facial moisturiser and nail polish remover! It’s amazing that the average woman can wear up to 500 chemicals a day. She will eat nearly 2 kgs of lipstick in her lifetime, so make sure your lipstick does NOT contain lead or any chemicals.

So what should you avoid, what is toxic? How does it affect your health, the planet’s health, and do we need to take a chemistry class to understand what is in our moisturiser?

Understanding the ingredients in personal care products can become so overwhelming and confusing we tend to shut down. To reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in beauty products, it can be as effortless as choosing the right natural skincare. Focus on those with a shorter list of ingredients.

More does not necessarily mean better. A lot of what is on a label is either bad for you, or cheap filler. Cheap, lathering ingredients known to have high irritation levels; Artificially sweet smelling oils laced with parabens, formaldehyde & phthalates (dispersant), amongst other nasties to extend the life of the created fragrance. These chemicals are non-bio degradable and leak into our waterways.

Just by choosing natural skincare products that use less, you will be exposing yourself to fewer toxins and fewer resources will be used in the manufacturing of the product.

So, if we can minimise our exposure by introducing effective alternatives that still feel luxurious to use, then we benefit…naturally. It’s simple – better for you and better for the environment.

We highlighted natural skincare options here:

However until now we haven’t happily found a natural lipstick that was as beautiful, long-lasting and glamorous whilst remaining 100% natural.  But now we have discovered the secret our kiwi sisters have known for 10 years – Karen Murrell


The brand started out making premium, natural lipsticks that they believed could be as good as mainstream brands, if not better.

It turns out they were on to something. The natural lipstick products are natural and beautiful with great staying power and true glamour.

A woman in beautiful lipstick can brighten a room like a bunch of fresh flowers. That captivating burst of beauty inspires everything they do.

And they have perfected long-lasting lip colours made from natural ingredients that are delicious to wear.

natural lipstickToday we heard from Karen Murrell herself about what inspired her to start the range and what we can expect as it hits our shores:

Where did your inspiration come from to start your business?

Karen has always had a passion for cosmetics and skincare sparked originally by  her mother and glamorous Nana Gwen who created their own cosmetics with lavender from the garden.  “Afternoons spent exploring Nana’s extensive make-up collection led to a 15 year career in formulating skincare.


Why do you choose to go natural?

We know that 42% of cosmetic buyers are looking for natural ingredients when they buy colour cosmetics.  This follows the trend in skincare with women being more aware of what they use on their bodies that is kind to the skin and the environment.  Naturally this demand extends to lipsticks.  Which have until recently lagged behind the skincare options.

I saw an opportunity for a natural lipstick that was not only environmentally friendly but friendly to women and functionally as good as any mainstream brand.

Why should your consumers care about natural lipstick?

“An average woman consumes around 2kg of lipstick per year – which is a horrifying statistic when you think about the nasties that go into synthetic lipsticks.” says Karen

“We are passively consuming ingredients like coal tar – a well documented carcinogen.  Carmine and Triclosan – both endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mess with your hormones.”

What is the Karen Murrell manifesto?

It is simple:

  • Our lip colours glide on and feel heavenly to wear
  • They tantilise the senses with their fragrance
  • They are long-lasting, glamorous and stay on the lips
  • They’re a burst of colour which is consistent across every skin tone and complexion.
  • We believe in natural all the way – from product to packaging.  The manufacturing process is cruelty free. The packaging is printed with vegetable based inks on sustainably sourced paper.

What are your most popular colours and what inspired you to design them:

natural lipsticks


There is a colour for everyone’s skin tone and taste in the range including;

  • Clear
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Berry
  • Pink
  • Nude
  • Metallic

It was on a beach  in New Zealand last winter, on a romantic walk, that this specialist formulator found inspiration for her latest lipsticks colours.

“Bursts of vividly dusky, cerise pink-coloured camellias were delicately peeking out of the gloomiest day of the year,” she recalls.

“It really was the only inspiration I needed to combine my love of flowers and colour into a lipstick collection designed, just like nature, to inject colour into your day.”
After testing a few it really was hard for us to pick our personal favourite so we settled on:
  • Voilet Mousse ( a deep pink, much lighter than the photo appears) for everyday wear that whilst neutral adds a bit more ‘bloom’ than a true nude.
  • And Racy Rata (a rich berry) for days/nights when we feel like some vibrancy.

And where can I get them in Australia?

Either online with worldwide shipping or next month coming to all Priceline stores.