New Year Resolutions

new year resolutions

New Year Resolutions – So the first day of January is never complete without setting yourself a shoot-for-the-moon life goal. However that you know will be out the window by the end of the week (if  that)!

We have asked the experts at Swisse, for their help in setting some new year resolutions. Therefore that we can actually  stick to.  And consequently make 2018 our best year yet!

Kindness to yourself

new year resolutions


“Make  a New Year Resolution to be kinder to yourself!  Ease off on excessive pressure and negative self-talk when you feel you aren’t making quick changes.  Therefore baby steps one day at a time.  Ask for support from friends and family that inspire you. Di  Mitchelmore,  Bachelor of Science in Immunology and Nutritional Biochemistry (BSc), National  Training  Manager



Move More

new year resolutions

“Move more!  Sitting is the new smoking, so commit to doing squats, lunges or stretches every hour to keep active  all day long! Katie Bieshaar,  BHSc  (Naturopathy), Swisse Product Specialist


Sleep Better

new year resolutions

“If your diet & exercise new year resolutions haven’t stuck in the past, try a ‘sleep  better’ resolution.  The  body relies on a regular good night’s sleep for internal healing &  repair,  arguably just as important as diet & exercise for your health.  If you’re struggling to fall & stay asleep, try  simple  sleep  habit  resolutions like: going  to bed the same time every night,  dimming the lights after dinner,  no phones in the bedroom  or no caffeine after 3pm.” Dr  David Cannata, BBiomed (Hons)  GCRC PhD,  Swisse Product Specialist

new year resolutions


Whole foods Not Fads

“Have you thought about your resolution being to break free from the  chaos of food obsession and fad diets?  To free up energy to live life.  Trust  your  body  and its internal cues, eating intuitively not restrictively.  See  how  positive behaviour change, rather than a focus on weight  change can improve your health  and wellbeing.” Simone  Austin, Practising Accredited Dietitian, Swisse  Expert


Time Alone

new year resolutions“Proactively put aside time each day to spend  alone.  It may sound simple, but in today’s world of technology, fast paced work and constant social stimuli.   It’s harder than you think.  My  new  year resolution is to set aside at least 10 minutes a day to just be present with my own thoughts, breathe deep and reinvest  some time for myself.”Kaylee  Azzopardi,  Practising Accredited Dietitian,  Swisse  Expert



new year resolutions“It’s all about finding new, interesting ways to stay happy and healthy!  Get  to know your neighbourhood by planning out a walk every weekend.  Be  sure  to look around you as you walk, take  in all the colours, shapes, smells and feelings you get from your surroundings to make this a mindful experience  too.” Sherree  Banh,  Nutritionist,  Swisse  Expert



Snew year resolutions“Have you thought about riding to work a couple of times a week.  Or getting off  the tram stop one before your usual exit?  Try to work exercise naturally into  your routine.  Without needing to separate it within your day.  Because life is too busy sometimes to put in an hour round trip to the gym for a workout!” Chris Holland, Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science (Nutrition  &  Exercise  Physiology), Swisse Expert