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 Why Use Sun Wipes –  Q&A with Dr Scott McGregor, We Are Feel Good Inc

Sun Wipes – We have all heard of makeup wipes and baby wipes, but what about sunscreen wipes? We Are Feel Good Inc have created Sticky Zinc Face Wipes! Dr Scott McGregor answers our Q&A’s on why to use sun wipes. Read on to find out the benefits and when to use them.

Q: Will these wipes remove all the stubborn Zinc or sunscreen off my face?

Our Sticky Zinc Face Wipes have been developed specifically to address the residue traces of zinc and sunscreen that can be l eft on your face after a day in the elements. Not only will they remove and clean your face but the added aloe vera will have you r skin feeling refreshed, cool and clean.

Q: Should I use before applying my sunscreen to create a clean surface for sunscreen to sit on?

Whilst it is not necessary to always clean your face prior to sunscreen application, we really love to use o ur wipes to clean the surface of the skin, particularly, the face, before we apply our sunscreen. Clean skin aids with smooth application and good coverage so that we are confident we have covered up properly!

Q: Can I use these Sticky Zinc Face Wipes to remove my makeup?

Our Sticky Zinc Face Wipes are perfect for removing makeup, including eye makeup. Plus the convenient packaging means they ar e ideal and lightweight for packing and travelling.

Q: Can they be used on all skin types?

Yes, our wipes are alcohol free and they can be used on all skin types. The added chamomile and soothing effects of aloe ver a make them particularly versatile. Obviously, those with sensitive skin should spot test first.

Q: Are they safe for sensitive skin, children and babies?

Alcohol free, our wipes are gentle and can be used by most skin types. They make fantastic baby wipes and the cooling effect of aloe vera means they are great on little bottoms! As above, test first and if any irritatio n occurs, discontinue use.

Q: Do they contain any specific ingredients that will benefit my skin?

Of course! Our wipes are alcohol free so they are gentle and non – stringent . We have included aloe vera which is known for its anti – inflammatory and healing pr operties as well as chamomile which is not only an anti – inflammatory but also has powerful skin properties including being anti – fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and contains essential oils and antioxidants. PLUS, it is hypoallergenic and it helps to reduce skin irritants by neutralising free radicals.

Q: What else can these amazing wipes be used for?

We think our wipes are the most versatile ever and the list is as good as your imagination! Great for sticky fingers, babies bottoms, makeup remover , sunscreen on your dashboard, spills and one of our team even use them to quickly wipe over their riding boots at competitions !

sun and skinAbout Scott McGregor

Dr Scott McGregor is passionate about skin and in particular, skin cancer management and prevention. In addition to operating his own skin clinics, Scott helps with the science and product development behind We are Feel Good brand and ensures our products meet our strict guidelines and are in keeping with our company ethos.