The Saboteur

The Saboteur – A deadly weapon. An impregnable fortress.

A mission to save Europe…

Kurt Nordstrum leaves behind the safety of his life in Oslo to join the Allied troops. Having spent the last few months mourning the tragic death of his fiancée, he’s been searching everywhere for distraction. When he learns of a top-secret operation to interfere with the Nazis’ plans. It’s everything he’s been looking for, and he immediately steps up to the challenge.

What he doesn’t know is that the mission he has signed up to is about to become more dangerous than he could ever have imagined.

Kurt must infiltrate then destroy the most heavily guarded Nazi shipment. It’s seemingly impossible, but worth everything: the fate of Europe hangs in the balance.

Reviewer’s feedback

A team of men sent on a death defying mission to destroy heavy water. (the component that was produced by the Nazis’ in World War II to make an atomic bomb) in a impenetrable fortress. It seemed impossible. The first teams that were sent to Norway failed. In addition a team of Norwegian men were sent. Men who knew the terrain, who could survive the winters, the heavy snow and treacherous conditions. These men are successful. This team includes a man named Nordstrum. He is then sent on another mission, with the odds of success heavily favored against him. Nordstrum, the Saboteur, never gives up even during the most perilous of moments.

The Saboteur is an intensely gripping, multi-faceted and well written historical novel. There were many heart stopping, chilling, terrifying moments during which I was completely engrossed and worried for the teams survival. What struck me most about this novel, was the relationship between the characters. Especially that of Nordstrum and his childhood friend and team member Jens.  In addition to Nordstrum’s relationship with other team members, Gutterson, Ox and Hella. Each relationship is deeply felt. Their friendships and their vulnerabilities. Though this novel is based on true events of one of the most difficult missions in history.  The personal relationships of the men involved in this undertaking added to the story.  Thereby making my appreciation of it that much better.

In short, The Saboteur is a suspenseful novel with compelling characters, which I would highly recommend.


Author bio:

Before writing his own bestselling thrillers, Andrew Gross co-authored five novels with James Patterson. His first novel, The Blue Zone, was an instant international bestseller. He currently lives in New York with his wife, Lynn, and their three children.


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