sunshine sisters


The Sunshine Sisters is a moving story of love, loss and family by the bestselling author of Falling, Jane Green.

It was never easy, being one of Ronni Sunshine’s daughters. Publicly, she is the glamorous, successful, dramatic Hollywood actress. Privately, she is self-absorbed, angry, and a disinterested, narcissistic mother. Now in her seventies, Ronni has had strange symptoms for a while, but has refused to believe her diagnosis.  She has ALS, a degenerative motor neuron disease. There is no cure.

Ronni’s three adult daughters – Nell, Meredith, and Lizzy (the sunshine sisters) – are largely estranged, both from her, and from each other. All are going through crises of their own. But Ronni is adamant that they must come home, and help her take her own life. As their mother’s illness draws them together to confront old jealousies and secret fears. They discover that blood might be thicker than water after all.


Reviewer Lynda Parkes:

The three sisters of the title have all been emotionally damaged by their narcissistic movie star mother. Her disinterest, only broken by cruel and harsh criticism, has alienated them not only from her but also each other and they each flee their toxic home as soon as they can.

Estranged from their hypochondriac mother, they are sceptical when she contacts them to tell them she has a terminal illness and wants them to come home to help her end her life. Even though the sisters initially believe this is a ploy by their manipulative mother, eventually they do return home and discover there is healing in confronting the past.

Author bio:

A former feature writer for the Daily Express, Jane Green took a leap of faith when she left in 1996 to freelance and work on her book. She is now the bestselling author of several novels including Saving GraceThe Beach House and Summer Secrets. Jane lives in Connecticut with her husband and their blended family of six children.

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