Guest post: Author of We That Are Left : Lisa Bigelow

What is the true cost of war?

Although I grew up with the Sydney story as part of my family history. I was prompted to try writing this novel when Australia prepared to commit troops into war in 2003. At the time it felt that there was little discussion about the true cost of war on our servicemen/women and the people they left behind. It got me thinking about how hard it must be to maintain happy, positive relationships with partners being sent to serve overseas. And what would happen if their last leave visit had not been entirely happy. What if something happened to your partner after you’d argued and you never had the chance to put it right?


When the Sydney disappeared, Australia was a young nation with a much smaller population. That meant that a huge proportion of the population knew someone directly affected by the tragedy. I believe that the following two generations were deeply affected by the loss of male role models, leaders and workers. I never knew my grandfather.  And as a result I was just one of thousands who missed out on knowing their fathers, uncles and grandfathers.  And who were raised by women grieving the loss of their partners, sons and brothers. The true cost of war must never be forgotten.

True cost of war

About Lisa Bigelow:

true cost of warLisa Bigelow’s life revolves around story-telling. An avid reader from age 5. Her career as a journalist and communicator has been all building and delivering compelling stories about water resources, climate change and any issue that interests her audiences. She recently completed a Masters Degree in Communication.  And aims to use her writing to illuminate ongoing issues and make them accessible to a wide readership. We That Are Left is her first novel.