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LATEST OFFER – Win 1 of 3 USANA Vitamins Cellsentials packs RRP $84.70

USANA Vitamin’s InCelligence technology, developed from a breakthrough understanding of cellular renewal, has led to the development of a premium supplement range that reacts to the specific needs of the individual, now available in Australia.

The new Cellsentials® range, incorporating the InCelligence technology, utilises highly targeted nutrients to send positive information to your cells to influence specific, health-optimizing signaling pathways. Our bodies naturally have these processes, but age or lifestyle factors can slow them down. InCelligence supports these communication pathways to ensure optimal functioning.

How does InCelligence work?

InCelligence works by using a proprietary blend of nutrients to send positive information to cells to influence

health-optimizing cellular communication pathways, to protect and renew your cells. Human cells

demonstrate a natural intelligence (or InCelligence), which acts on information from plant-derived

biomolecules found in our foods.

Traditional multivitamin supplements simply supply building materials, while USANA’s InCelligence puts the

builders to work, directly tapping into your body’s natural protection and renewal processes. (Think of it as

the ability to have a conversation with your cells to help them do even more of what they do best.)

InCelligence helps build your cells’ resilience and their ability to adapt, which then helps your body meet its

unique needs.

The unique InCelligence complex in Vita-Antioxidant also supports your body’s natural ability to maintain efficient

cellular energy production.

The USANA Cellsentials® regimen is unique, designed to provide optimal nourishment plus powerful support for the

health and longevity of your cells. The powerful combination of Core Minerals and Vita-Antioxidant form the advanced


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